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Hands & Feet

Nailtiques & O.P.I


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 Mini Manicure  30 Minutes  £21.00
 Mini Manicure with paint  45 Minutes  £26.50
 French Manicure  1Hour  £28.50
 Thermal Deluxe Manicure  1 Hour  £31.00
 Thermal Deluxe Pedicure with foot spa  1 Hour 15 Minutes  £38.00
 Thermal Deluxe French Pedicure with foot spa  1 Hour 30 Minutes  £40.00
 Re-varnish  30 Minutes  £16.50
 French Polish  30 Minutes  £19.50

{/Supertable} Thermal Deluxe treatments include thermal mittens/booties to soften, nourish and hydrate hands/feet. These luxury treatments include a re-varnish with one of the many colours from our range.


Nail Extensions

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 Nail Assessment  15 Minutes  FREE
 Full Set Natural  2 Hours  £42.00
 Full Set Permanent French  2 Hours  £48.00
 Safe removal of extensions  15 Minutes  £20.00
 Single Nail repair  15 Minutes  £7.00
 Infills (every 2/3 weeks) Natural  1 Hour  £24.00
 Infills (every 2/3 weeks) Permanent French  1 Hour  £27.00
 Rebalance  1 Hour  £35.00


We use one of the best acrylic systems at Caroline's. All of our products are of the highest standard Creative Nail Design System.


OPI Semi-Permanent Gel Colour

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 Block Colour Manicure  1 Hour  £36.50
 French Manicure  1 Hour 15 Minutes  £38.50
 Block Colour Pedicure  1 Hour 30 Minutes  £46.50
 French Pedicure  1 Hour 30 Minutes  £48.50
 Block Colour Gel Polish  45 Minutes  £26.50
 French Gel Polish  45 Minutes  £29.50


OPI Gel is a semi-permanent polish ideal for weddings or holidays and is designed for shorter nails. It lasts for up to 2 weeks and when required should be professionally removed to prevent damage to the natural nail plate.

OPI N'Applique

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 N'Applique on fingers or toes  1 Hour  £29.00


OPI's N'Applique is a heat activated nail wrap in many different patterns similar to MINX and lasts approximately 2 weeks

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