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As of Monday 13th July we are now open for selected treatments and from 1st August we will be fully open!

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Non-surgical face and body toning



CACI Ultimate

This machine was originally designed to help stroke victims and suffers of Bell's Palsy to recover the use of impaired facial muscles. It made the natural transition into the beauty industry where it has achieved amazing results. This updated machine which was launched in Oct 2008 combines revolutionary microdermabrasion with microcurrent and a patented "wrinkle comb" to achieve results which are second to none.

Caroline's is the first salon in Hampshire to have the CACI Ultimate

If you want a face-lift without going under the surgeon's knife then this is the treatment for you!

Ultimate Platinum Facial consists of:

caci microdermabrasion compressed

caci jowl lift compressed

caci microcurrent compressed

caci wrinkle comb compressed

caci system ultimate compressed







 Deep exfoliation, pigmentation damage correction, acne elimination

Jowl Lift

Concentrating on firming & toning the jowl area


Lifting, Muscle Toning, Fine line elimination

Wrinkle Comb

Increases collagen production,smoothes lines,healing

Hydratone Mask

Soothing gel mask, toning,rehydrating 


 Before and after shots of our anti ageing treatment: Before and after shots of our acne treatment: 
 Wrinckles  Ackne

These 5 options can be combined to create the bespoke facials below

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 Consultation  15 Minutes  FREE
 Anti ageing (Platinum Course)  Course of 10  £680.00
 Ultimate Platinum Booster (1,2,3,4 & 5)  1 Hour 30 Minutes  £90.00
 CACI Booster (2 & 3)  1 Hour 10 Minutes  £69.00
 CACI Booster 2  1 Hour  £59.00
 Jowl Course  x10  £300.00
 Acne Treatment (1 & 4)  Course of 10  £360.00
 Acne Treatment (Individual Treatment)  30 Minutes  £40.00
 Individual Jowl Lift  30 Minutes  £30.00
 Individual Microdermabrasion  15 Minutes  £30.00
 Individual Microdermabrasion plus Jowl Lift  30 Minutes  £40.00
 Microdermabrasion included with any other facial  Plus  £20.00

During the Ultimate course of 10 Stages 1,4 & 5 are done 4 times to prevent skin irritation.



For further information and celebrity recommendations and testimonials check out CACI's website

Visit the CACI website

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